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September 1, 2013
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    With a quick twist of her hand ___’s door flew open, in which she charged into her home and flopped down on her couch. She let out a content sigh letting her hair out of the ridiculous bun she had to wear to work. As her (h/c) locks framed her face she kicked off her heels, humming in pleasure. “Working is such a pain.... If only the world didn’t revolve around money,” ___ pouted, leaning her head into a pillow.

    “All well,” ___ exclaimed jumping up from her couch, “time to make dinner.” Happily she skipped to her kitchen humming a tune along the way. “What should I make tonight,” ___ mumbled to herself. (e/c) irises scanned over various pages of a recipe book. “Oooo, spaghetti sounds really good,” ___ concluded.

    After getting all the things ___ needed for her dinner she decided to turn the radio to help fill the silence around her. As she prepared the sauce her hips swayed from side to side in time with the music. “Here’s a song I haven’t heard in awhile,”an announcer’s voice echoed through the radio. “Coming to you from station 76.5, you all have a good night.”

    The song slowly fading in making ___ wonder what it was. She listen closely until, “Ma-Ya-Hu, Ma-ya-Ho” reached her ears. A instant smile covered ___’s lips once she realized what song it was. “He’s right, I haven’t heard this song in awhile,” ___ exclaimed happily. “Salute,” ___ sung along. Forgetting about her dinner for a moment she started to dance around her kitchen singing along.

    A light knock rung through ___’s home, unnoticed by her. A sigh left the man’s lips while he waited for ___ to answer. “She forgot I was coming over again,” Ludwig uttered to himself running a hand through slicked back blond hair. Hoping he was wrong, Ludwig twisted the doorknob finding the door open. Another sigh passed through his lips, ___ never remembered to lock her door.

    As the blue eyed man walked to the kitchen ___’s voice reached his ears. “I will paint... my words of love, with your name on every wall,” she sung twisting around her table. Although the way ___ was dancing came off extremely dorky, Ludwig couldn’t help but think how cute it was. His gruff hand covered his mouth in attempt to conceal the smile forming. “My colors fade to grey, ooh ah ooh ah ey, ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ey!”

    At that moment ___ twisted herself around sauce spoon in hand, her (e/c) hues landing on Ludwig’s form. “Ludwig,” ___ exclaimed happily. “I didn’t know you were coming over today,” she explained gleefully.  She set the spoon down before bouncing over to Ludwig to grab his hand. “Come on! Dance with me,” ___ giggle spinning herself around under Ludwig’s arm.

    “Ah- _-___, w-” Ludwig tried to say but ___ cut him off. “When you leave my colors fade to gray,” ___ sung happily. She stopped to give a big grin to Ludwig moving his arms back and forth. “Come on, no one will no but me and you. I promise,” ___ tried to convince him. To add the cherry on top, ___ gave him an even bigger grin batting her eyes a few times.  

    A blush covered Ludwig’s face as ___ pulled her cute act on him. “F-fine,” he uttered. He told himself it was only to get to stop batting her eyes at him, but really he kind of wanted to dance with her.

I sold my strings, my songs, and dreams
And I bought some paints to match the colors of my love
Hello, Hello, it's me again, Picasso
I will spray my words of my love
With your name on every wall

    A laugh escaped Ludwig’s lips as ___ striked a silly pose pretending to sing the song in a dramatic manner. An excited smile slipped onto ___’s face hearing the laugh.

When you leave my colors fade to gray
Whoa I whoa I aaa
Whoa I whoa I whoa I aaa
Every word of love I used to say
Now I paint it everyday

    Ludwig spun ___ around under his arm again earning a giggle. As ___ came to face Ludwig again he caught glimpse of the huge smile on her lips. The simple sight of it sent a wave of butterflies through his stomach. He slowed in his actions pulling closer to ___.

    Realizing the closeness of their faces ___ felt her cheeks heat up, “L-Ludwig?” No word left his lips as he scanned her face gently brushing some hair out of her face. A fond smile brushed over his mouth as he cupped ___’s face, brushing his thumb along her jawline. By now ___ was sure her face could melt an ice cube. She tried to get words out, but all she uttered was unintelligent spurs of words.

    Both hearts were beating loud and fast, both hoping the other didn’t hear. ___’s eyes flickered to Ludwig’s lips, making her face darken ten shades. Just as she opened her mouth to ask about dinner Ludwig leaned forward. ___ closed her eyes to prepare herself but she only received a light peck on the nose.

    Unsatisfied with his actions ___ let a small pout cross her lips. It didn’t last long though, ___ tugged down on Ludwig’s tie bringing his lips to hers. Although caught off guard Ludwig was quick to respond, wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her closer.

    As ___ pulled away a huge smile covered her face, but looking at Ludwig she became a little worried. His whole face was covered in a bright red and his face seemed it be frozen. “L-Ludwig,” ___ asked worriedly. His arms were still places around __’s waist but loosely. “A-are you okay? ...Ludwig you’re scaring me.”

When you leave my colors fade to gray~
I'm now sure how I feel about this... There are a few parts I like but I feel like it goes to crap towards the end... This is also a request for :iconfullmoon74: This is so super duper late and I'm so sorry. I can not apologize enough. I think you asked for this 6-ish months ago. I'm so sorry.

So anyways, FullMoon74 asked me to do a reader insert with this song (… ) and gave me a short description of what she wanted to happen. I really hope you like it... This is my first time writing with Germany and doing a song-fic ish thing as well. I feel like a did awful. So again FullMoon, I'm so very truly sorry.

Oh, so I'm going to explain the little thing at the end. How Germany kind of froze... It happened in the anime, sort of. In one of the newer episodes... He have an overload of feeling and just kind of freezes. So that's that that was all about. I feel like it ended awkwardly, but I don't know how else to end this... So yeah.

I hope you enjoyed reading, and thank you for reading!

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz

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