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December 31, 2012
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 It was news to everyone; big, shocking, upsetting news. No one expected it to happen to ___, of all people. How could the quiet, over polite, extremely careful girl get hit by a car? Just simply crossing the street after she got off the late shift at the little cafe she worked at. Now in critical care ___ laid in a hospital bed barely clinging to life.

 Everyone she knew, which was many people, was taking it hard. Even the regulars at the cafe days were thrown off when they heard ___ wouldn't be back for a while. But no one was taking it harder than her best friend, Ivan. The poor boy hasn't left her bedside since she was set there. Even after visiting hours he was still there. No one or thing could move him. He would wait until the end of the world for his beloved sunflower to wake up.

 The girl was barely awake when they brought her in. She was in a haze muttering on about something but no one understood what. Then all it once it just stopped. It appeared ___ had fallen asleep. It had been two days since then. The whole time Ivan hung tight to ___'s hand paying for her to wake up. Even in his sleep his hand was latched to hers. It was no secret that Ivan loved her but he had yet to tell her and she had yet to pick up on it. But now all he wished was for his sunflower to wake.

 The hospital room was like any hospital room; white flooring, white walls, white sheets, even white curtains. Not much filled the room. There was ___'s bed, a few chairs, and one small table. So little things for such a large room. The smallest of movement would echo through the room. Every so often footsteps in the hall reached inside the room making Ivan sigh.

 Every so often ___ would move or mumble something, which was a good sign. Ivan waited, watched and listened for these moments at all times. The smallest of noises woke him; he didn't want to miss it if ___ woke.

 At the moment the sun was just starting to spread its rays into the sky setting the air in an orange haze. Ivan gave an irritated sigh; this meant the hospital would be busy soon. Flickering his eyes back to ___ his gaze softened, his sunflower called him after the accident. Her words were hardly understandable as most of them slurred together. He could hear her crying through her words as she tried to explain where she was. It was a horrid thing to hear for Ivan and it would haunt him for the rest of his life. But it was good to know ___ trusted him to save her.

 Just as Ivan was about to douse off for a little more of sleep ___ moaned in her slumber. Ivan sprung out of his seat so he was closer to the bed. It seemed like she was trying to say something. "I.... I-iv... Ivan," she voiced huskily. It was barely audible; Ivan had to lean closer in order to hear her. After he felt the grip tighten around his hand in the slightest. The small action had brought tears to Ivan's eyes. His beloved sunflower was calling his name; she could tell he was with her. Ivan knew this for sure now.

 Overwhelmed he tightened his grip on her hand and placed his head on her stomach very gently. Her sweet scent filled his nose as his listened to her steady breathing and faint heartbeat. It slowly coaxed him into much needed deep sleep. Even if asleep he was attached to ___ like his life depended on it, nothing would pull him away from her.
I'm sorry this was upsetting... Apparently when I can't sleep my mind thinks it's a good time to write because it happens a lot. Most of the time they form into the longer stories but I like this one where I left it off.

I read story sort of like this one a while ago and I saw the title again today so I guess that is where my mind got this one. I think I can finally sleep now that this is out of my head. :la:

Thank you for reading!

Part 2! [link]

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz
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